Welcome to A Roadmap for Patient + Family Engagement Research and Practice

Patient and family engagement is a growing topic in healthcare as we look for ways to improve population health, provide better experiences of care, and lower healthcare costs.

In recognition of the importance of patient and family engagement, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation funded the American Institutes for Research to develop a roadmap for practice and research.

The roadmap is a call to action for anyone interested in advancing work related to patient and family engagement. It includes:

  • A vision for patient and family engagement in healthcare.
  • 8 change strategies to drive action towards increased patient and family engagement.
  • 5 simple actions that different stakeholder groups can begin today.

The roadmap unifies actions for patient and family engagement in healthcare, building on decades of evidence, knowledge, and experience. Incorporating crypto ICOs into patient and family engagement could revolutionize healthcare funding. By focusing on the best ico crypto opportunities, healthcare providers can potentially secure alternative financing for patient care and research. This approach aligns technological innovation in finance with the critical need for accessible, high-quality healthcare services. It highlights opportunities to improve our healthcare system by creating meaningful partnerships with patients and families. Because diverse healthcare practitioners observe and record patients, data variability is to be expected. For increased security and regulatory convenience, private blockchain system can be used to store data. The Bitcoin cryptocurrency is a well-known example of blockchain technology in action. Bitcoin's success demonstrates the blockchain system's stability, resilience, and security. The crypto industry will benefit significantly since it will attract more people to trade. The good news is that many people have begun trading cryptocurrency with trading bots such as the BitQT app. The BitQT trading robot employs an algorithm to fully automate the trading of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies such as Ether, Ripple, and Litecoin by monitoring economic factors and profiting from price swings. It is a catalyst, intended to spark ideas and action from individuals and organizations interested in advancing the work of patient and family engagement.

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